Astaphan said Linton has achieved nothing

Astaphan said Linton has achieved nothing

Senior counsel, Tony Astaphan, has described United Workers Party leader, Lennox Linton, as a failure who has “achieved nothing” in his first year as leader.

Linton was elected leader of the UWP in Castle Bruce on September 1, 2013.

But according to Astaphan, Linton’s year as leader “is not different from any other year in the life of Lennox Linton because he has achieved nothing.”

“I think he’s a failure as a political leader and he’s going to have a serious failure on his hands come election day because he’s achieved nothing,” Astaphan told state-owned DBS Radio.

Astaphan noted that all Linton has relied on is Q95, and before that Kairi, “to spit out a series lies and verbal attacks against every conceivable human being in this country.”

He pointed out that the UWP leader has criticized the government’s social programs describing beneficiaries as “greedy and not needy” and young people being assisted by the government as “prostituting themselves.”

“He said the words and when he was cornered by specific allegations against him, he flip flopped and said that ministers were raping people in exchange for public assistance,” Astaphan said. “And we had one story after the other. What has he achieved as political leader? I really don’t know.”

He also described Linton as having the “most firings in the private sector than any other person seeking public office”.

“He lamented the fact that he had sent so many applications for jobs to the private sector and government and no one hired him…” Astaphan said.