Linton was elected leader of the UWP a year ago

Linton was elected leader of the UWP a year ago

Leader of the opposition, United Workers Party (UWP) Lennox Linton, who one year ago, was elected political leader of that party has described his experience as a “wonderful” one.

He was elected leader of the UWP in Castle Bruce on September 1, 2013.

According to Linton, although the experience had been a wonderful one, many challenges arose.

“Every team building responsibility has its challenge. A big part of what we did in the last year was to focus on building our team, assembly patriots and getting them oriented around on what our vision is, and that has its challenges,” Linton said at a press conference at the Prevo Cinemall on Friday.

He noted that the party wants Dominica and its democracy to be based on free and fair elections.

“And this is something we have struggled with for the past year,” he noted. “This is a continued battle for us to figure out the most responsible productive way in which we can be engaged with the Electoral Commission to ensure that it does its work for democracy and freedom in Dominica.”

Linton noted his party has set the agenda for change in the economic environment of Dominica.

“Because Dominica now understands that it is possible for our economy to grow by five to seven percent per year as opposed to half a per cent,” he explained. “Dominica now understands that the level of five to seven per cent growth per year, the jobs that the Labour Party was unable to find for 15 years will start coming in to Dominica at the rate of 5,000 in the first 3 years.”

He also noted that the young people of Dominica are better educated, “and now know that it is no longer necessary for them to condemn themselves to lives of hopelessness and joblessness to understand that a better Dominica awaits.”

He revealed that the UWP is confident it will be ready whenever general election is called.

“Our readiness means that the remaining activities to go before we mark our “X” …. those activities will be adequately funded,” Linton stated.

He stated within the last year the party was able to confirm a “legacy of twenty patriots” who will go to the polls for UWP Team Dominica in the upcoming general election and the candidate who will represent the Cottage Constituency will be revealed later this month.

He said in the last year the party has launched a Coast- to-Coast Campaign, held convention rally’s in various constituencies and in recent weeks launched a site (; an interactive website which allows Dominican citizens to communicate directly with their UWP representatives.