Williams attended parliament for the first time on Tuesday

Williams attended parliament for the first time on Tuesday

New Senator of the United Workers Party, Monelle Williams, has said that she intends to become the voice of women and youth in the House of Assembly.

She spoke to Dominica News Online, moments after she was sworn in Parliament on Tuesday.

“I will be a voice in the House of Parliament, particularly for women and younger people,” she said. “Wherever I see the need to advocate on their behalf, I will do so in the area of employment, in the area of women affairs, what can I do to make women’s lives better in Dominica.”

According to her, the duties undertaken by Dominican women are often ignored.

“Many times I see Dominican women being sidelined,” she noted. “The duties that they take on, whatever it is that they do is not recognized on a continuous basis.”

Williams who attended Parliament for the first time on Tuesday, described the experience as ‘interesting.’

“It was quite interesting,” she remarked. “Because of the grandeur of Parliament you would expect everybody to be on their best behavior at Parliament and it was interesting to note people were hitting here, there and everywhere at each other, but the discussion up for argument is a very important one. Parliament is exciting and I look forward to seeing if we can come to the agreement to agree to disagree.”