Opposition Leader Hector John

Opposition leader Hector John said he has not heard from Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit concerning the appointment of a Police Commissioner for Dominica.

Daniel Carbon’s tenure as acting police commissioner ended on September 30 and John said he has not heard anything from the Prime Minister concerning the appointment of Carbon or of any one else to the post.

  1. The Dominica Constitution requires that the Prime Minister must consult with the Leader of the Opposition when appointing a new police commissioner.
  2. Section 92 (2) of the constitution states “The The power to appoint a person to hold or act in the office of Chief of Police or Deputy Chief of Police and, subject to the provisions of section 93 of this Constitution, the power to remove the Chief of Police or Deputy Chief of Police from office shall vest in the President, acting in accordance with the advice of the Prime Minister, given after consultation with the Leader of the Opposition and the Police Service Commission.”
  3. “This is a continuation of the disrespect of the constitution because the acting commissioner was put to act for three months up to 30th September and there was no consultation,” John told DNO.

He continued, ““I have not heard from the prime minister, no law not even the constitution syndrome continues … total disrespect for the constitution of Dominica by Prime Minister Skerrit.”

Carbon was appointed to replace Cyrille Carrette on July 7 for three months until a more permanent candidate was found for the post.