Dominica’s main opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has announced it will boycott the House of Parliament in protest of the results of the general election.

After a recount of ballots Saturday, the UWP only won three seats, the Marigot constituency, Salisbury and Roseau Central, to the Dominica Labour Party’s 18 seats. Both the leader and deputy leader of the UWP lost their seats.

According to Ron Green, leader of the UWP, there were “unprecedented irregularities, fraud and breaches of the law of Dominica, in this general election, as conducted by the Labour Party on December 18, 2009”.

“The unprecedented use of bribery to unlawfully influence the election results; the denial of the opposition, of access to the state-owned media which rendered the election grossly unfair, and the paid movement of large numbers overseas-based persons, as an inducement to vote which substantially distorted the results of the 2009 elections in an unfair and illegal way,” Green stated

The UWP is calling for a clean up of the electoral list and subsequently fresh general elections.

“We the United workers party also issue a call to all patriotic citizens and institutions to come together to prevent a creeping dictatorship from wiping out the democratic rights and freedoms of the people of Dominica which have been fought for, for so long,” Green affirmed.

The decision by the UWP follows conclusions by election observers that the elections were free and fair.