petter ron

Saint Jean (right), Ron Green

The Parliamentary Representative for the La Plaine constituency, Petter Saint Jean, is questioning the United Workers Party’s (UWP) motive for selecting Ron Green to contest the seat in the next general election.

Green announced on Tuesday that he will contest the La Plaine seat after losing to the Dominica Labour Party’s (DLP) Saint Jean in the 2009 general elections.

He said his primary decision was because of Saint Jean’s failure to effectively represent the people.

Green had hinted in the past that he would be calling it quits in terms of politics. “There comes a time when the person who has been seeking political office may step behind and allow others to step forward,” he told DNO earlier this year. “I believe the time is coming but to tell you when it’s coming, exactly what date, is something I cannot do at this time.”

Green’s announcement that he will indeed contest the elections prompted Saint Jean to say that the party is incapable of finding a suitable candidate for the constituency.

“Ron Green is the lone surviving hard core true breed communist in the Caribbean,” he said. “It is pathetic that after 30 years as a seasoned politician and 15 years as parliamentary representative of the La Plaine constituency, Ron, as a veteran cannot now find a young person in La Plaine to now succeed him.”

According to Saint Jean, the UWP is only “recycling this old, tired, lazy politician and presenting Ron Green to the people.”

Saint Jean said the La Plaine constituency has seen much development under the Dominica Labour Party regime.

“We have scores of young people studying in the United States, Venezuela, Morocco and other places around the world,” he noted. “We have seen massive improvement in the road networks. For 30 years there was not police station in La Plaine and for 15 years Green was MP, and now we are having a $3.2-million police station in La Plaine.”

The La Plaine MP also spoke of the Yes We Care Program in La Plaine, the organization of farmers groups, transportation for students and tuition for students at the Dominica State College.

“It is very clear that Ron Green is bitter, lazy, exhausted politician who has outlived his productive shelf life and in his desperation to hold onto power, he destroys everything in his path,” Saint Jean remarked.