John (left), Skerrit

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has rejected claims by Opposition Leader Hector John that the prime minister failed to consult him on the appointment of Acting Police Commissioner Daniel Carbon.

According to PM Skerrit, his attempts at consultation were shunned by the opposition leader.

“He has to rise to the occasion.  If the prime minister calls you as leader of the opposition at 10 o’clock on Thursday and ask that you come to see him at 12 o’clock the following day,  you say you too busy?” the prime minister explained to DNO, suggesting that his efforts to consult Opposition Leader John were not afforded the priority the Salisbury MP should have given to that initiative.

The prime minister said John indicated that he was busy “with a lot of things and would get back to us”.

The prime minister said his office kept trying to reach the opposition leader, and he decided to write to John when the initial attempt to consult failed to materialise.

“We called several times, and he said he was busy – the prime minister is calling you you are telling him you busy,” PM Skerrit queried.

John on Monday alleged that the prime minister had again ignored the constitution by failing to consult him on the appointment of the acting police chief.

John said outgoing Commissioner Carrette’s departure has seen the prime minister giving the green light to Daniel Carbon to act in the post without engaging in the necessary consultation with the leader of the opposition.

Hector John insists he was not properly consulted.

PM Skerrit has suggested that the consultation process was not undertaken as it should have been because of John’s failure to respond to the official gestures made to him on the matter.