Skerrit said there are no authorities in the world that is interested in him

Skerrit said there is no authority in the world that is interested in him

The man who holds the position of Prime Minister of Dominica, Roosevelt Skerrit, has said he has no association with an ongoing UN bribery investigation by the FBI in the US which saw Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng arrested.

He has been asked by the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) to give a response on that matter since he was recently photographed together with Seng, former Antiguan diplomat John Ashe and UN diplomat from the Dominican Republic, Francis Lorenzo at a function in Macau. They too were arrested in the matter.

At a press conference on Friday,`the Prime Minister appeared incredulous that he was even being asked to comment on the matter.

“I mean, you are really asking that question?” he asked, followed by much laughter.

Through chuckles he added, “The FBI told you that they are interested in me?”

“I am telling you, madam, that I have no association with this matter,” Skerrit noted. “None. And there is no authority in this world that is interested in Roosevelt Skerrit in any undue manner. None whatsoever. You should ask Mr. Linton about his information. Present the facts to you to make some assertions without the facts. Which facts?”

At a press conference on Tuesday, UWP political leader, Lennox Linton had said the Dominican leader owes it to the people to speak out on the matter.

He had also challenged Skerrit that if he so desires and wants to clear his name, to consider waiving his immunity as the head of the country so that the FBI can do their investigations as a “fitting, proper person to be leading Dominica at this time …”

But at the press conference, Skerrit said he has no diplomatic immunity protecting him.

“As prime Minister I do not have diplomatic immunity anywhere in the world including Dominica,” he stated. “If I were to commit a crime in Dominica I could be arrested or in Grenada or in the United States. So I do not have diplomatic immunity. Courtesies are extended to me as the Prime Minister of this country but I do not have diplomatic immunity in any country in the world at any time.”

He added, “So that is for the information and education of the media…Mr. Skerrit is certainly not worried about himself!”

The Prime Minister confirmed that he was in fact at the function where he was photographed along with many other Prime Ministers who were also invited. He said at the function he spoke on issues of sustainable development and South-South Cooperation and is asking whether the Secretary of the United Nations must now go and explain all of this because someone associated with the UN was arrested. Or should Bill Clinton, and the others who were also at the function and delivered addresses, be arrested.

““I’m trying to understand where does Roosevelt Skerrit come into this matter,” the Prime Miniser said.