Skerrit greets supporters in Grand Fond on Sunday

Skerrit greets supporters in Grand Fond on Sunday

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit is reiterating that he is ready for general elections and is predicting a landslide victory for the Dominica Labour Party (DLP).

“I am not prepared to leaving not one seat to the United Workers Party at the next election,” he told the launch of a Labour Youth Organization branch in Grand Fond on Sunday night. “Not one seat ladies and gentleman. We shall return to office because you the people of Dominica will decide and make the decision to vote back a working government, a working party, a party and a government that cares about you the people of Dominica.”

The prime minister did not give a date for the elections, only saying, “in respect to the election date, I am saying to you in Grand Fond and Dominica that you must place your eyes on me and you will get a hint at the right time about the date of the next general election, but all I will say to you tonight is that I am in the best health, I am ready, I am ready, I am ready, I am ready.”

The Prime Minster stated that the Government has demonstrated love for the people of Dominica and the young people of Dominica.

General elections are constitutionally due in 2015.

Meanwhile Skerrit has said that the record number of young people registering to vote for the next general election is favoring the DLP.

In early February Chief Election Officer, Steven LaRocque, disclosed that data shows more young people are signing up to be eligible to cast their ballot whenever the election date is called.

He said from December 1, 2013 some 600 people have registered to vote, with ‘young people’ making up the majority.

According to Skerrit this is happening because many young people are beneficiaries of the government’s policies.

“When the young people are saying that when elections are called they are voting the Dominica Labor Party, they so by choice because they are beneficiaries of the programs and the policies of the Dominica Labor Party,” Skerrit said. “That is why we’ve seen a record number of young people registering.”

The Prime Minister further dismissed what he described as claims by the opposition that the young people are registering to vote in their favor.

“I heard the Workers party saying is for them they going to vote … for them they going to vote?” he noted. “Young people are saying to us in Dominica that five more years for Skerrit, five more years for Labour and five more years for them here in Dominica.”

He added “you going to leave what you know for what you don’t know? You going to leave what you see for what you cannot see? You going to leave what you have for what you don’t have?