A police officer shuts the gate as Linton was told to leave the compound

The police have prevented Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, from entering the parliament building on Tuesday morning.

According to Linton, he wanted to take some papers from his office as Leader of the Opposition which is located in the Parliament building, for a meeting with Electoral Commission consultants from the Commonwealth Secretariat who are visiting Dominica.

He was already on the compound when he was told by police officers, dressed in military clothing, to leave.

After an exchange with one of the officers, Linton exited the compound.

“That is what we are being reduced to today in Dominica,” Linton said on a Facebook live broadcast.

He stated this is one of the reasons why Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit must resign.

“You understand why Skerrit must go,” he stated. “Skerrit must absolutely go because of this nonsensical behavior in a democracy. You have people standing up in the parliament building, in the compound telling the Leader of the Opposition he has no right in the compound of the Parliament, he must leave.”

Meanwhile, a small group of protesters stood outside the Parliament and state-owned DBS Radio with signs saying “Skerrit must go.”

DNO understands that they wanted to stage a protest outside the Financial Center in Roseau but the area was blocked off by the police.