Prime Minister Skerrit. *Sean Douglas/Government Press Secretary file pic

Prime Minister Roosevelt has told residents of Morne Rachette that they should vote for effective representation when they return to the polls on Friday to elect a leader.

Morne Rachette is part of the Salisbury constituency, of which Hector John of the United Workers Party was elected to represent in the House of Assembly. However, his party’s decision to miss three consecutive sittings of Parliament caused the seat to become vacant.

Skerrit told a public meeting last night in Morne Rachette that the time for change has come.

“You have an opportunity on July 9, 2010 to vote for someone who cares. The people you voted for in 2009 have said to you that they do not want to represent you in the parliament of Dominica. Bentley Royer made himself available to you in 2009 and you decided by your own right that you did not want him to be your member of parliament but he continue to represent your interest,” he said.

The leader of the Dominica Labour Party (DLP) also told the electorate in Salisbury that the UWP has failed to make any significant contribution to their community when they were in office.

“Your vote on Friday is important for your future and your children future. We could have said that the DLP did not need to be here because we are already in power … but we love you too much,” he added.

He said it is time the people of Salisbury to “right that wrong”.

Meantime DLP candidate for that constituency Bentley Royer said the UWP has neglected the Salisbury constituency.

He said the UWP’s decision to boycott parliament was out of mischief.

“You cannot have a party whose sole intention is to bring misery to the Dominican people. This election the people will show the UWP that they will no longer be disrespected,” he said.