Vital said the party remains in a good place

The sudden resignation of Dr. Sam Christian as deputy leader of the Dominica Freedom Party (DFP) has no effect on the party, its political leader Ken Vital has said.

Citing differences within the party, Dr. Christian stepped down from the position on Sunday after three months on the job.

Vital told Kairi FM News that the DFP was and is still in a good place, despite Christian’s departure.

“The party was in a good place following our convention, we got a lot of media attention from that, that did well,” he stated. “People have learnt about our approach and what we want to bring to the table. I think the party is still in a very, very good place.”

He stated that the DFP was about to embark on an outreach program but all operations were destroyed by Hurricane Maria and events in the aftermath.

“But in spite of that the party is still in a good place,” he said. “We had other chances to meet once or twice since then, we have done a few things, we are in a very, very good place.”

Vital said there is only one individual, Dr. Christian, “who wants to go his own way” and he is [free] to do so.

“We have no problems with that but the party is in an extremely good place and Dr. Sam’s resignation hasn’t really affected us in any way,” he said.

Dr. Sam Christian at the party’s convention earlier this year