Former Leader of the Dominica Freedom Party-now member of the incumbent Dominica Labour Party-Charles Savarin, has told residents of Salisbury that the United Workers Party has no regard for the constitution of Dominica.

Savarin was speaking on a political platform to officially launch Bentley Royer at the DLP candidate in the July 09, 2010 by elections in that constituency.

He said the UWP has in its ranks, people who are saying that the constitution of Dominica is not worth the paper it is written on.

“If Edison James and Ron Green and the leaders of the UWP took time out to read the constitution of Dominica, we would not be in a by-election today,” he said.

According to Savarin, the UWP members cannot read, interpret and understand the constitution of Dominica.

“Under the constitution we had a general election in December. We voted in all 21 constituencies. The people of Dominica elected 18 members of parliament on the DLP ticket. They elected 3 members on the UWP ticket. The UWP decided that this was not enough for them. They’re greedy. They feel they can challenge the people and not the DLP. They threw away the constitution…the contract they made with you the people to represent you in parliament and they decided they will boycott the parliament,” he said.

Savarin told the people that the UWP intentionally decided that they would not attend the parliament because the election was fraudulent.

“Before the elections they wanted observers and we gave them that. In their report they said that the election was free and fair. Now the UWP begin to denounce the observors because they are not satisfied,” he said.

Savarin has further advised the people that they should not vote for the UWP’s candidate Hector John.

He said a vote for the DLP will ensure proper representation in parliament.