Opposition members, Edison James (left) and Ron Green attending a Peoples Parliament session.

Former Speaker of the House of Assembly Neva Edwards wants the Opposition United Workers Party to assume its role in the Parliament and said the party’s decision to stay out is a serious “mistake”.

Since the December 18, 2009 general elections the UWP has not been occupying its position during sittings of the house; members say they are still angered about the “unfair” staging of the last election. The UWP has been attending “The Peoples Parliament” – a forum which it has said will let the voices of the people be heard.

But Edwards has underscored that the House of Assembly is now the correct forum through which the Opposition can effectively represent the people.

“The Peoples Parliament is not bearing any effective change to Dominica… Unless they go in there [the House of Assembly] and do what they have to do, they will never get what they deserve,” she declared.

Edwards was elected Speaker of the House on November 1, 1993 during the administration of the Dame Eugenia Charles-led Dominica Freedom Party. She served in that capacity until August 2, 1995.