The Prime Minister has made it clear he is not giving in to calls for his resignation

The Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) is not giving up its call for the resignation of Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit despite Skerrit’s proclamations of not going anywhere anytime soon.

The Opposition held a press conference on Tuesday 16th May at the Prevost Cinemall to talk about plans for National Development but the resignation of the Prime Minister was also discussed.

Member of the party, Nicholas George, stated that the government of Dominica has “deceived us in serious, serious ways,” and this forms the major part of their call for Skerrit’s resignation.

“They have let us down. The government, led by Honorable Roosevelt Skerrit has let us down in the international community and we continue also to call for his resignation and that of his cabinet,” George remarked.

With its slogan, “Skerrit must go,” the UWP recently held a series of public meetings calling on Skerrit to resign.

However, The Prime Minister has not broken a sweat over the matter and has made it clear on a number of occasions that he has no intention of resigning.

At a town hall meeting in St. Joseph on March 30, for example, he said, “I say to them, Skerrit must go on to build a new hospital for Dominica. Skerrit must go on to build homes for the people of Dominica. Skerrit must go on to create opportunities for the youth of our country. Skerrit must go on to build the five-star hotel for Dominica. Skerrit must go on to build the geothermal plant to bring cheaper light bills for our people in Dominica.”

At a Dominica Labour Party (DLP) rally in Portsmouth recently Skerrit said he was given a mandate by the people of Dominica and is not going anywhere soon.

“They say Skerrit must go, I ask go where? Go where ladies and gentlemen?” he asked.