UWP officials at Thursday night's meeting

UWP officials at Thursday night’s meeting

A plan for a modern city for Dominica is high on the agenda for the Opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

That’s according to UWP hopeful for the Roseau central, Joseph Isaac.

He made the remarks at a public meeting in Lagon on Thursday night to end a series of constituency meetings across the island.

He said a youth village on High Street, a business incubator for housing 100 businesses as well as a focus on sports is part of their plans for Roseau if elected into office.

“This involves creating a modern parking facility, putting solar street lights, improving the side-walks, resurfacing the entire Roseau city and increasing drainage,” he said.

Isaac said the UWP will also focus on drug rehabilitation in the city

Section of the crowd at the meeting on Thursday night

Section of the crowd at the meeting on Thursday night

“We are also going to embark on a drug rehabilitation project where our people are suffering from the abuse of drugs we can save them,” he stated, adding that such people could become productive citizens.

He mentioned that the UWP wants to construct a water park in the Botanic gardens that could become a tourism heritage site.

“We want a state of the art facility where tourists can come and visit and also locals can come and slide and you have a big aquarium with fish and it becomes a tourism heritage place,” Isaac stated.

In addition he said the party plans on embarking on a housing transformation project where assistance will be given to people who are struggling to build or improve their facilities in the city or to get it off the ground, so that the “poor people can have some major investment in the city.”

The UWP is also proposing a vendors’ arcade which will transform Roseau into a modern town, according to Isaac.