electoral-reformThe opposition United Workers Party has appealed to the Dominica Electoral Commission to urgently complete the process of electoral reform he said it started more than eight years ago.

In a letter to the Commission, Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton said there has been “growing public concern over the failure to implement the reforms especially given the abuses and corrupt practices that the ruling Dominica Labour Party has engaged to win the last three general elections in violation of the voter eligibility, bribery and treating provisions of our electoral laws.”

He suggested six areas which he said necessitate decisive action from the Commission.

They are: an accurate register of voters (a total re-registration of all eligible voters on the basis of which a new register of voters will be issued), voter identification cards (picture ID cards for all eligible voters on the new register of voters who will be obligated to use the cards as identification during elections), the rule of law (enforcement of the provisions in our electoral laws against bribery, treating, personation, illegal voting and election offenses in general), voting by electors living overseas (lawful facilitation of registered, eligible voters living overseas to vote in general elections in Dominica), media access for the opposition (fair access for the Opposition to the news and current affairs programs of all state owned, state operated or state controlled media), campaign finance reform (to ensure at the very least declarations of campaign contributions and election campaign spending by any political party of no more than EC$30.00 per registered voter per election).

“The fact that two elections have been held since the Commission’s independent decision to pursue electoral reform with no real progress on this extremely important undertaking, gives the impression that the Commission is ensuring that no electoral reform will be completed in time for any election while the Dominica Labour Party remains in office,” Linton wrote. “We hope that this not the case and going forward the Commission will act expeditiously in this matter in the enlightened public interest of our beloved Dominica.”

The full letter is below.

Download (DOCX, 52KB)