Linton at a press conference in Guyana

Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has said the presence of a team of the United Workers Party (UWP) at the Twenty-eight Intercessional Meeting of the Conference of Heads of Government of CARICOM in Guyana is unfortunate.

He was speaking live via telephone from Guyana on Kairi’s Heng Program on Friday morning.

“So to travel all the way to Guyana to air your political laundry is a most unfortunate but not surprising practice by Mr. Linton,” he said.

The UWP team consists of Opposition Leader, Lennox Linton, Roseau Central MP, Joseph Isaac and Senator Dr. Thomson Fontaine. The party said they went to Guyana to meet with CARICOM Heads to brief them on reasons why they are calling for the resignation of Prime Minister Skerrit.

But according to the Prime Minister, it has never been his policy to air domestic laundry out of Dominica.

“Dominica is a sovereign state and it has never been, is not now and, will never be my policy to air its domestic laundry, clean dirty or otherwise outside of Dominica,” he stated. “And the presence of Mr. Linton and his two colleagues here is a further testimony to the fact that Mr. Linton has no interest in the welfare and wellbeing of Dominica. His mad rush to be Prime Minister of the country and his impatience is clearly, as you said, a danger to Dominica.”

He stated that Linton is not in Guyana to tell CARICOM that Dominica still needs help post-Erika and other such matters.

“He is not here to say to them, look we are trying to build homes for the people of Petite Savanne, in Coulibistrie we need to do some river walls, river training,” Skerrit said. “He is not here to tell them we are doing some farm roads but Marigot needs a couple more farm roads. He is not here to tell them of the unemployment rate, though it might be among the lowest in the region among young people, but we still have a challenge and how can CARICOM assist. He is not here to see what kind of assistance we can receive from Guyana in respect to agriculture and agricultural practices and how we can get some technical assistance for the people of Marigot and Wesley and the wider Dominica.”

According to Skerrit, these are thing Mike and Rosie Douglas did while they were in opposition and when they went out of Dominica, it was to fetch opportunities for Dominicans.

“These are the things we did in opposition,” he noted.

Skerrit noted that Linton and his colleagues are not taken seriously by CARICOM Heads.

“People are not taking them seriously,” he stated. “I can tell you that there are some Heads of Government that are exceptionally embarrassed by what he is doing.”

For his part Skerrit said when he meet with the media in Guyana, his first order of business will be to talk about Mas Domnik and invite them to the “greatest island Carnival action in the Caribbean.”

“That is what any patriotic Dominican, especially in the leadership of the country with a microphone would do one week before his nation’s Carnival,” he stated. “So it is my first intention to invite the Guyanese and Caribbean people to our Mas Domnik especially at at time when there is an increase in creativity for the Carnival, the government has increased the budget by more than one hundred percent from last year.”