UWP President not satisfied with investigation of fire at home of former magistrate


Former Prime Minister and President of the United Workers Party, Edison James has expressed further concern about the way a Christmas morning fire, which destroyed the home of a former magistrate, is being investigated.

The incident occurred last year at the home of Glenworth Emmanuel and his wife while they were still inside the house. It is alleged the fire was the work of arsonists.

James alleges state involvement in the matter, through the Prime Minister, Minister of National Security and other Government agents and called it “unwholesome”.

“The entire Government machinery seems to be engaged in building a ‘firewall’ around persons of interest in this matter. Mr Skerrit himself has commented on this matter, the Minister of National Security, the Minister of Information, the principal legal advisor to the PM, that is almost the entire machinery of the Government, at play, to build a firewall around a person whom Mr. Tony Astaphan presented to the police as someone who could assist them,” James stated.

James believes that the state is on a mission to discredit the confession of one of the other persons of interest in the same matter.

He also infers that the Chief of Police, Cyrille Carrette, is being mendacious when he says that Emmanuel has not been cooperative with the police investigations or that he has not yet given a statement to the police.

Furthermore, James called for the investigation of Earl Grant, yet another person of interest, who is reportedly off island currently, as well as for the police to question Astaphan.

He said, “With respect to one of the persons of interest, [Earl Grant], we heart from him in that most notorious, so-called telephone interview, conducted by ‘Chief of Interviewers’ and main talk-show host, Tony Astaphan, in which he indicated that he was not in hiding and ready to come back. The question is where is he? The public needs answers in this regard. We believe, also, that the police investigating this matter, must question Tony Anthony Astaphan about his role in this.”

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  1. Truth B Told
    July 28, 2011

    For the record:

    1. The house was not destroyed, only slightly damaged more from the smoke than the fire.

    2. It was certainly not a case of attempted murder, if anything it was simply intimidation or maybe pay-back for past transgressions

    3. LET THE POLICE DO THEIR JOB, a proper investigation will reveal the fact of the case… let the chips fall where they may.

    • ?
      July 28, 2011

      “It was certainly not a case of attempted murder.” Papamet, two people sleeping in their house in the wee hours of Christmas morning, have their house fire-bombed (with them asleep) and that is not a case of attempted murder? Just now some of all you will say is Emmanuel that catch his house fire man?

  2. DPM
    July 27, 2011

    Time for the public to put some serious pressure to solve this crime against Mr. Emmanuel and his wife. Where the “arsonist” Carrette say he was going to send for.

  3. ham
    July 27, 2011


  4. ineedfree
    July 27, 2011

    the police force and the politicians make Waitikubuli look like a trashy country.

    where are the preliminary hearings on the attempted murder of two senior citizens? It seems that once people are not allies of the ruling party they have to suck salt?

    How long this stalmate is going to last?

    So many stories are brought out in the media while cases are being heard.

    Carret, if you cant face the fire just give it to Tony

  5. Francis Chicago
    July 27, 2011

    Mr James could you leave this matter for the police and the insurance company to deal with your main concern should be my people from marigot what they need to help them,why its always about you sherrit Astaphan pure crap do your home work and come again represent the people thats why they vote for you mr JAMES.

    • OND
      July 27, 2011

      oops this comment slip by the most stupid comment filter.

      • Francis Chicago
        July 27, 2011


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  6. Porssie radical
    July 27, 2011

    The people who ignore the gruesome nature of this crime only to support party politics are criminal in nature- yes I said it. An attempt to burn two people (senior citizen) while in their goes way beyond party politics in spite of any political stigma that may or may not be attached to this case. Shouldn’t all Dominicans ( Red Blue or Green) apply pressure on the police to solve this crime? What is the police doing – the police is obligated to update the public on the investigation. Up to this point the last update came from the famous Tony Astaphan and Seko interview.

    I am not here to make any accusations on who or who did not commit such a heinous act however what I know is that in a civilized society and I’m sure that the non bias and objective people of the diasporas will agree that in countries like the UK, US or Canada the pressure would be so far up the police commissioner’s A****** to solve this case. The fact that government officials to include the PM and other ministers are meddling with the investigation and attempting the steer the investigation in a certain direction is certainly outrageous and appalling. Again in civilized functioning society these politicians would be forced to resign and maybe indicted for hindering justice .

    • Wenner
      July 27, 2011

      Stick a Fork in it…This can be solved when Mano decided he wants it solved. Don’t get high blood pressure like some people we know over them man tings…when them man was making all his money from Isidore, Isidore was a saint and a prince. As the table turn he is villified…Garcon seat down and chill out.

      Mano is a judge and magistrate…he knows what is “WRIGHT” from “RONG”…

      Let’s leave it there!!!!!

    • Francis Chicago
      July 27, 2011

      Porssie radial your comment is wroung pure accusation. no one suport this crime or party politics .maybe you can help the police by calling c.s.i.

  7. Red-Antz
    July 27, 2011

    Get over it Mr. James. The UWP and it’s court of jesters on Q95 doomed this case from the very beginning. All the media exposure and investigative journalism was no more than to make political mileage using Mr. Emmanuel’s unfortunate situation. However, the over exposure, the seeking to discredit the government and all relevant authorities, the jumping to conclusions and the personal attacks and character assassinations, apparently did not make a strong enough defense.

    The UWP was the party who turned this case into a media circus and the exaggerated media coverage only gave dominicans more reason to believe that this case was being used as a political stunt.

    The victim lost all credibility when he chose to have controversial media personalities, controversial talk show hosts, journalists with grudge, disgruntled politicians and UWP fanatics as his defense team and have his case tried on radio talk shows and through public opinion. If the course of justice during this case was obscured, it was purely by the hand of the UWP and their operatives and their open demonstration that they were/are playing politics with the crime and not exactly seeking truth and justice.

    You Follow???

    • Porssie Radical
      July 27, 2011

      Red Antz I’ve seen many like come and go-partisanship cannot and should not be swap for basic human decency. I hope that one day honesty and desecny will find it’s way to your heart and I sincerely hope that yhese virtues donnot come to you through tragedy.

      “If the course of justice during this case was obscured, it was purely by the hand of the UWP and their operatives and their open demonstration that they were/are playing politics with the crime and not exactly seeking truth and justice”- the police are the ones that should be pursuing justice irrespective of what Q95 operatives say. I notice that you conveniently avoid mentioning Tony and his Kairi derailment of the justice wagon. I gather that you are supportive of Tony and cohorts decision to further destroy the investigation. You are of the opinion that the Q95 gang were the first to compromise the investigation; notice that the police is yet to state that the Q95 operatives have compromised the investigation.
      It would be comical to tell our grand children that such a case could not be solved because a few talk show host had trhere own perception on what may or may not have happened during and prior to the Xmas day. It would also be even more shameful that we would have to tell our grand children and children that the police could not pursue the case because government ministers (PM, minister of legl affairs, minister for national security) were involved in influencing the police investigation.
      Your comment reminded of childhood days when the kids would justify misbehaviors by saying that others did it- ( “ but Tammy do it to”). In the face of truth and reality this is what party supporters resort to- “ UWP was corrupt so it is ok for the DLP”. If this is the level of discourse and rationale that intelligent people like RED ANTZ would entertain then I am inclined to believ that there is absolutely no hope for a better Dominica.

    • July 27, 2011

      @Red Antz

      I am not at home, in Dominica, so I do not know much–except for what I read.

      But based on what I have read, compared to what you have written, I must commend you.

      Your thesis shows me clean and clear, the conflicts and contentions that has crippled the investigation of this gruesome crime.

      I just hope that a time will come when this mystery will be unveiled. Meanwhile, thank you for well written information.

      • July 27, 2011

        Liz, I am about twenty-five min., from your place,Corbo may give me some directions, since I am unable to program your address into my GPS.

        I am also unable to access my mail from this computer, nonetheless, I am alive and kicking.


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      • July 28, 2011

        Fete, I am just reading this message, din’t expect to find you here, but now I wish I had checked earlier.

        DNO, thank you so much for your kindnesses to me.

        Fete I responded to you through Corbo, giving him some direction for you. But if you are at Steeles Ave from Brampton, it is very easy to get to me.

        Simple drive east on Steeles Ave till you get to Jane Street.

        Once you are at Jane and Steeles you are 5 minutes away from me, by driving south on Jane Street to Finch Avenue–the next major Street–east and west.

        Ask at Finch ave, and someone is sure to direct you to me, because you are in my neigborhood from Jane and Finch.

        Wish I would know when you can visit me though! I am dying to see you!

        Administrator, I thank you in advance.

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    • July 27, 2011

      You a just full of —– I wouldnt say what because the fire was real they two individual could have died so stop blowing hot air the opposition UWP did nothing than ask for justic and that the police do their job let tell you I am not a support of the UWP but I can put party politic a side and see what is happening to the case so stop blaming others for the lack of protection for these elderly seniors.

  8. July 27, 2011

    anon do u realy have a brain you are such an idoit.for u to post a comment like this.sometimes i wonder how people can talk so much trash.Again it’s what inside that comes out of you.

  9. ......
    July 27, 2011

    too much corruption…..don’t know why we think it’s NOT ok to jail “well known” individuals irrespective of their ” social and political” associations.

  10. vip
    July 27, 2011

    if that atrocity can happen to emanual, well well it can happen to me.And if it happens to me and no body does anything about it then it can happen to you.and if it happens to you there will be no one left.THAT IS HOW WAR AGAINST HUMANITY SPREADS WHEN NO ONE TAKES A STAND FOR GOOD MORALS AND ETHICS.

  11. Free Thinker
    July 27, 2011

    If it were a government minister’s home or some one close to the powers that be, this mystery would have been solved already. Forensic investigators form oversees would have been swarming Dominica, but a Mr Emmanuel is not in their corner so he could ‘go to hell.” This inefficiency (should I say reluctance)of the the police investigators sheds a very bad light on the police force of Dominica. There is a curse associated with arson, least we forget. I also know that the upholder is worse than the thief!!
    I am certain beyond a shadow of a doubt that God knows who did this to Mr Emmanuel and his wife and why they did it, and He (God) will deal with them in His time and in His way. Trust God, all that is in the dark will come to light!!

    • Wenner
      July 27, 2011

      If it were a government minister’s home or some one close to the powers that be, you would care less….you would not be writing for criminal investigation

    • Eat Your Peas
      July 27, 2011

      Yes it would have been solved, because they would have cooperated with the POLICE.

      Soh Sot…the man refuses to talk to police….he does not want to talk.

      His home that was attacked, he is the best person, minus the attacker to give a statement. He may have seen something that could help.

  12. July 27, 2011

    why were the two senior investigators transfered from c.i.d unit.did they came up with the culprits.why papa bondie why?

  13. Tony Tony
    July 27, 2011

    Here we go again, its not what I want so its not good enought….. You are so …..

  14. Reader
    July 27, 2011

    What a bunch of crap! Clearly this man and the rest of the “team” has nothing to contribute.

    • DPM
      July 27, 2011

      This is not about “this man and the rest of his team.” It has to do with two senior citizens sleeping in their bed on Christmas morning and their house being fire-bombed. I don’t know what we as a society are becoming. Unless a tragedy is in our laps we seem to have no sympathy.

  15. ANON
    July 27, 2011

    they have infiltrated.

    -ministry of finance
    -the courts
    -television, radio and social security
    -they have put stiffer penalties for firearm posession, to disarm the public.
    -they control the SSU and the local police.

    what more do they need to have total control eddy, if you badly talk you aself might suffer….

    you forget the threats you received man eddy..

    their associates saying what they want on radio and hosting strip show, is that my children and your children going to inherit???? so desperate for money that they sell their bodies and murder their brothers???

    that is what we are headed for eddy, unless the good men of dominica ACT NOW!!!!!

    it is time for unrest!!!

    • real possie
      July 27, 2011

      you need to change your name fron anon to ana$$

  16. ANON
    July 27, 2011

    eddy the police and the legal system not going to give us justice. if we want answers we going to have to beat it out of them…..these people playing games with peoples lives…its time for us to play games with theirs. they may control the institutions in our society. but they do not control the streets and the law of the jungle. if we want answers we will have to get answers by force. the same intimidation that the police use against us, we have to use it against them.

    • July 27, 2011


      I hope you are noticing that Dominicans are not on your side.

      So why not put your mind back to work in its possitive mode, so that it will process and produce a more fruitful idea for you–that we will welcome, if you choose to share it with us. Thank you in advance.

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