Opposition Leader Hector John

Opposition Leader Hector John

Opposition leader, Hector John, has made it clear that the United Workers Party (UWP) will support the government’s new nominee for president, Jennifer Wallace Lafond, on the condition that she meets Constitutional requirements.

He told local radio station Q95 on Thursday morning that the opposition party made known its position on the matter in a letter to prime minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, on Wednesday evening.

“We are minded to support your nominee for president providing that she meets the qualifying criteria as outlined in the Constitution,” John said in reading the letter sent to Skerrit. “Further, in this regard, we request that you furnish us with a copy of her resume and arrange a meeting between the nominee and the leader of the opposition at the office of the leader of the opposition in order to facilitate early completion of the consultation process.”

He said if the party is not satisfied or something is not right then it will meet again to make necessary adjustments and decision to move forward, even naming its own nominee.

John noted that the Constitution made it clear that the prime minister and the leader of the opposition must consult on a joint nominee for president and if an agreement is not reached, then an announcement is made in parliament that both sides did not agree and “then the 14-day period kicks in.”

During that period, John said, the prime minister, the leader of the opposition and even three parliamentarians can present nominees.

Parliament is expected to meet on Thursday morning.

The government presented its new nominee for president after Alix Boyd-Knights withdrew her nomination because of, according to Skerrit, fear for the safety of her family.

Boyd-Knights’ nomination was greeted with severe criticism by many in Dominica.

Meanwhile leader of the UWP, Lennox Linton, has announced a meeting, originally scheduled for 5:00 pm near the state house on Friday to protest the nomination of Boyd-Knights, has been moved to Lagon.

The meeting , now scheduled for 7:00 pm, will, according to Linton,  put into perspective events of the week.

“It is a very happy time for Dominica, something that  we can mark as a victory for ‘together we will,'” he said.