electoral reformThe Opposition United Workers Party (UWP) has taken the position that there will be no general election in Dominica without electoral reform.

The party also made it clear that they will be going after those who stand in the way of electoral reform.

The UWP held an Electoral Reform Town Hall meeting in Fond Cole on Thursday night and Senator Isaac Baptiste made the position of the UWP on the matter clear.

“And therefore we will stand on the position that there shall not be another general election in Dominica without electoral reform,” he said. “We, the leadership of the United Workers Party will take the lead and will bring and get the people around us to support us and to get to those persons who are in the way of electoral reform.”

Baptiste had a message for those who he said, stand in the way of electoral reform.

“So if you are out there, know that you are in the way of electoral reform, get yourself ready because we will come to you one way or another,” he said.

The UWP has been pressing for electoral reform in Dominica for some time now.

Earlier this month the party wrote to the Electoral Commission calling for “urgent action” on the matter, asking it to complete the process of reform it started more than eight years ago. The party suggested six areas which it said necessitate decisive action from the Commission.

At the meeting on Thursday night party leader, Lennox Linton, repeated some of the suggestions.

He said the party wants an “accurate register of voters.”

“We need to clear that list in way of a total re-registration of all eligible voters,” he stated. “On the basis of that, a new register of voters will be issued.”

He called for voter’s ID, “so we know who is voting.”

Linton also said the UWP wants an enforcement of the provisions in Dominica’s electoral laws that are against bribery, treating, personation (showing up as somebody else to vote) and illegal voting.

He called for a “lawful facilitation of registered eligible voters living overseas” so that they could vote online in general elections.

Campaign financing, media access for the opposition and election campaign spending were some of the issues raised by Linton during the meeting.