Fontaine said Portsmouth should stop voting the DLP

With the departure of Ross University School of Medicine (RUSM) from Dominica still an intensely controversial topic of debate in the country, member of the United Workers Party (UWP), Dr. Thomson Fontaine, is calling on the residents of Portsmouth to take a stance and “get rid” of the current Dominica Labour Party (DLP) administration.

RUSM was located in Portsmouth and was a huge source of income for the island’s second town. Portsmouth is a DLP stronghold with the party dominating politics there for the past 50 years.

Fontaine made the call while addressing a UWP meeting which was held in Portsmouth on Thursday night, to discuss the matter.

Fontaine was at odds to understand why the people of the town still stand with the government, despite all that has been taken away from them.

“I debated to myself whether I should in fact be talking to the people of Portsmouth because I cannot, for the life of me, understand [that] a people that have had so much taken away from them,said  will still continue to stand with this government,” he lamented. “Your interest should come first and when your interest cannot be guaranteed by this government you need to get rid of this government.”

The former IMF economist and current economic consultant to South Sudan, said it is foolishness for a people to keep voting for a party year in and year out without development.

He admonished Portsmouth residents to “stop this foolishness about supporting a party and they are not taking care of your interest.”

Fontaine, who is the UWP candidate for the Grand Fond constituency, pointed out that he should have been in Grand Fond on Thursday evening but chose to be in Portsmouth, yet residents failed to show up.

“People came from Scottshead, from Soufriere, from Castle Bruce to be here with you in Portsmouth and where are you? Where are the people of Portsmouth when you need to stand up for your rights? When you need to stand up against this government?” he asked.“How many years have this government neglected the people of Portsmouth and yet you keep going to the ballot year-in year-out voting for them and you expect a different result.”

Fontaine told his target audience, that this type of behaviour he’s been told is defined as “madness, to do the same thing over and over and over again and expect a different result.”

He extended his appeal to the people of Dominica to take a hard long look at what this government has done to the country.

“This country’s economy is in shambles; this country’s economy is going nowhere and worse is yet to come,” Fontaine declared. “You will have more layoffs, you will have more problems.”

He warned that the country is just beginning to see the impact of Ross’ departure.

“Rest assured that there are more job losses coming to Dominica,” he noted. “How much more can the people of Dominica take? How much more can you accept? People of Portsmouth how much more can you accept?”

Earlier this month, Ross announced a shut down of its operation in Dominica and its relocation to Barbados.