Residents line up for water in Roseau after Hurricane Maria

Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has warned that Dominica can only survive in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, if every Dominican is exemplary in the execution of their duties.

Speaking at a special meeting of permanent secretaries and other senior public officers on Thursday, the prime minister urged public officers and Dominicans in general, to dutifully report to work in the name of Dominica.

“Not just to come to perform the task that each of us has performed over the years but to report to duty in the name of Dominica and for the sake of current and future generations and even if you were to leave, you have family back here so you will always be connected to this country.”

Skerrit told the senior public officers that the initial survival modes of shock and relief must now be replaced by their exemplary performance. He said this is the only way the country is going to survive.

“All of you here, you are the leadership of this country; it is not the prime minister alone; leaders must lead. Leaders do not have the luxury of complaining and the failure of one of us in here will cause the failure of all of us and, obviously, our country,” the prime minister noted.

The senior public officers were meeting to prepare a working response to Dominica’s bid to become the first climate-resilient country in the world.