Dominica is now experiencing a major shortage of professional builders, contractors and skilled workers, to re-roof and rebuild homes destroyed by Hurricane Maria. Too many people are still living under broken roofs and leaking tarpaulins, as rain continues to drench Dominica, and render many people sleepless at night.

Mac Services, Q95fm Radio and DNO are collaborating in an initiative to reach out to Dominicans living in the Diaspora, to come home for a few days at a time, and help families and Dominicans who are in critical need of roof and home repairs.

If you are a builder, or contractor or a skilled construction worker living in the Diaspora, reach out and lend a helping hand for a few days at a time, to a family member, or a friend, or a Dominican in need. Come home for just a few days, and use your skills to help re-roof and rebuild a home.

Mac Services, Q95 and DNO are trying to help make a difference. Will you help? We hope the Government of Dominica will waive all duties, port charges and taxes on imports of building materials at  least until 31st December 2018 or beyond that date, so that every Dominican or family has an opportunity to take advantage of the lower cost of building materials. This is of critical importance at this time, and in the foreseeable future

Make a commitment to making a difference today. Register on DNO, or call Q95 live on air, and let the world know that you will take a few days off and come home to help a family member, a friend or a Dominican in  need, to re-roof or rebuild their home, so that they can sleep better at night.

Lets all get together and lend a helping hand, to restore homes and lives of our fellow Dominicans, in their time of great need. Lets build back stronger and better, in the face of adversity and natural disasters. 

Register or call today. Let us know when you intend to come, how long you can stay, who you plan to help re-roof or rebuild their home, and in which part of Dominica. We have no way of knowing who will be next. Let’s all play our part in restoring homes and lives in our hurricane ravaged Dominica. Register today on DNO, or call Q95 at (305) 906-4216, or call live on-air at (305) 432-9624; or call Mac Services at (767) 245-1294.

This is a public service announcement from Mac Services, Q95fm Radio and DNO. God Bless our beloved Dominica.