St. Kitts gov’t is alleging that Dr. Douglas has Dominican citizenship

An attorney representing Dr. Denzil Douglas, former Prime Minister of St. Kitts in a court matter has denied that his client is a Dominican citizen, saying he has never applied for citizenship.

Sylvester Anthony made the comments after a court hearing on the case in Basseterre on Monday.

The government of St. Kitts had earlier filed an injunction against Douglas for allegedly holding dual-citizenship and a diplomatic passport from Dominica, which is against the laws of that country. It said he had violated the constitution of St. Kitts by swearing or acknowledging allegiance to a foreign power and should be barred from serving as a parliamentarian.

But St. Kitts-based WINN FM has quoted Anthony as saying that Dr. Douglas never applied to be a citizen of Dominica.

“The evidence is very simple and clear, Dr. Douglas does not have Dominican citizenship, he has never applied for Dominican citizenship, and was never granted Dominican citizenship,” he stated. “It’s as simple as that and that is information that the claimant could have obtained from doing what we did, you’ll notice if you see the papers we have filed that we wrote to the government of Dominica asking those specific questions and the government of Dominica responded to those very specific questions with the answers that I’ve just given you. That is something that the claimant, the Attorney General, could have found out before he filed this claim so now they’ve asked for additional time to respond, so we’ll see what their response is.”

WINN FM asked Anthony about the fact that the diplomatic passport states nationality as Dominican.

In response, Anthony said what was in question was not a “regular passport.”

“We’re not talking about a regular passport, a passport that is given to you as a result of you being a citizen, we’re talking about diplomatic passport,” he said. “So when we speak about this matter we shouldn’t use passport, we are speaking about a diplomatic passport. So it’s not just a passport, they use the passport to conjure images in people’s minds.”

According to Anthony, his client does not have a Dominican passport.

“Dr Douglas does not have a Dominican passport, he’s not a citizen of Dominica, he’s never applied for and has never been granted citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica. This fact is irrefutable,” he said.

The government of St. Kitts asked for more time in the matter during Monday’s court appearance.