Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has indicated that Dominica will own part of regional carrier LIAT as of 2012 subject to the approval of the company’s shareholders.

“I have indicated that Dominica will become, subject to the approval of the shareholders and the board, a member of LIAT in 2012 and make a financial contribution to LIAT’s operations,” he said.

The move signals a bold step for the Government of Dominica as the feud between management at LIAT and the unions continues. But the PM believes that the weight of the carrier, which serves the entire region, must not be borne by Barbados, Antigua and Barbuda and St Vincent and the Grenadines alone.

“We believe that LIAT has served us very well. From time to time our citizens and governments criticize LIAT but one has to appreciate the contribution LIAT has made and continues to make in terms of regional integration and, of course air transportation. We believe it has come to a point where we cannot allow St Vincent and the Grenadines, Barbados and Antigua and Barbuda to carry the entire load of LIAT. We all benefit from LIAT and therefore we have a very important responsibility to ensure that LIAT can continue to get all of our support in a tangible way,” Skerrit stated.

LIAT celebrated 55 years of service to the Eastern Caribbean on October 16, 2011