Flags of the OECS

Chairman of the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS), Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit, has welcomed Martinique’s move to join the island grouping saying it is a historic occasion.

On Wednesday Serge Letchimy, President of the Regional Council of Martinique signed the accession agreement of Martinique to the OECS, making it the first French territory to enter the organization as an associate member.

The ceremony took place at the Hotel Bateliere in Martinique.

“You the Martiniquan people, I want to applaud you for allowing the president to sign on to the OECS,” Skerrit said at the ceremony. “Because without your support we would not have been able to achieve this occasion here this evening.”

He stated that he is very excited about Martinique joining the OECS and he looks forward to engaging Guadeloupe so that it also can join.

“I know there is political will, there is support in Guadeloupe for this…” Skerrit said.

A release from the government of Martinique said the agreement to join the OECS was the result of technical negotiations between the OECS Commission and the Regional Council ofMartinique which started in March 2013.

The agreement stated that cooperation will be held in the following areas:

-Education, Sport, Health
-Sea and air transportation
-Leisure boating and tourism
-Arts & Culture
-Cooperation in development & research of foreign funding solutions
-Development of renewable energies
-Cooperation in sciences
-Sea resources management
-Development of a business-friendly environment
-Promotion of operations in natural risk management & protection of population
-Promotion of a mobility-friendly environment