Mia Mottley is the new Prime Minister of Barbados

The United Workers Party of Dominica congratulates the newly elected Prime Minister of Barbados Hon. Mia Mottley QC and her Barbados Labour Party (BLP) on the resounding victory in the General Elections held on 24th May, 2018.

We applaud Ms. Mottley for becoming the first female Prime Minister of Barbados and for leading the BLP to the first-ever clean sweep of all 30 seats in the nation’s Parliament.

We also wish to congratulate the people of Barbados for upholding our democratic traditions in the Commonwealth Caribbean in ensuring a peaceful transition of political power in their beautiful country.

The Barbados Electoral and Boundaries Commission must also be commended for its role in preventing and discouraging acts of treating and bribery in order to ensure free and fair elections as an honest, accurate expression of the voice of the people.

We, therefore, take this opportunity to encourage our Electoral Commission in Dominica to emulate the best practices for elections with integrity adopted in Barbados.