Bishop of Roseau Gabriel Malzaire

Bishop of Roseau Gabriel Malzaire

My dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Carnival is a unique time of year, which brings with it a great sense of excitement, joy and freedom. It is a time which brings out the most creative genius in our people; the calypso art form, the queen shows, the creative costumes that depict our life situations, are but a few of its positive attributes. As a nation it also provides a great avenue for catharsis, that is, the release of repressed emotions and tensions that can be detrimental to the human psyche. Therefore Carnival serves a good purpose.

However, you and I know that it is also a time when some people take the liberty to engage in all formed of unsavory and unacceptable behaviors. It must be realized that any form of abuse reduces a good thing to an inordinate state. Carnival, therefore, should never be used as and excuse for bad behavior, or license for indecent exposure nor should it be a reason to lower our human dignity. It seems right to conclude that if Carnival cannot be raised to its sublime value it is not worth celebrating.

For the human person, there is nothing more fulfilling than clean fun. Some fun one must have, but it should never be the cause for self degradation and regret.

I therefore appeal to all Christians during this Carnival season; have an enjoyable Carnival festival, but have the utmost respect for yourself and for others. I appeal to all parents of young children; keep a close watch over these little ones. To the youth; in the midst of having a good time, refrain from the excessive consumption of alcohol and a complete refrain from the use of illegal drugs. These reduce your inhibition and can facilitate engagement in unsavory actions and promiscuous sexual activities. We have been warned in more ways than one that HIV-AIDS is a reality.

A happy Carnival to everyone and may the Lord bless your every step on the road. Let us work towards a drug-free and an incident-free Carnival. God bless you all!