Ross Portsmouth Campus before & after Hurricane Maria

The handing over of the Ross University’s Portsmouth Campus property to government could be part of a “separation” arrangement in the dissolution of  what Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit has described as a forty year marriage between Ross and Dominica.

In announcing the departure of Ross University from Dominica on Friday, the prime minister said that his negotiating team had made the point to the owners of the university, Adtalem Global Education Inc, that “if there is to be a parting of ways, there should be at least a sharing of the fruit of those forty years.” He said Adtalem had agreed in principle and an article which appears on Ross University’s website, seems to confirm that.

“Adtalem is very mindful of the people of Dominica and the needs of the community, and is creating a plan in close coordination with Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit and the government of Dominica that will take these matters into meaningful consideration, including an appropriate transition of our campus property and buildings,” the release stated.

Prime Minister Skerrit said that his administration has made some very strong and reasonable suggestions as part of the proposed separation package, one of which was for Ross to leave a “lasting tangible monument” to the warmth of the friendship that existed between Dominica and Ross University.

According to Skerrit, another suggestion presented to Adtalem was for “ordinary Dominicans desirous of pursuing studies in medicine or related studies” to continue to access the relevant scholarships at Ross University. Prime Minister Mia Mottley of Barbados where Ross is now located, announced the possibility of providing scholarships to Dominican students in Barbados.

Also included in the suggestions to Adtalem, the prime minister said, was a request for some “tangible assistance” for the many businesses that will be negatively impacted by the University’s departure from Dominica, to help these businesses re-position themselves in the economy.

In the article on the Ross website, Adtalem also stated its committment to providing support to colleagues during the transition. However, it is not known at this time, how many of the university’s Dominican employees will moving to the school’s new location in Barbados.