Ross University will continue to maintain a core staff in Dominica

Ross University School of Medicine has written to its staff informing them of the institution’s intention to lay off some employees due to changes being made to the operations of the school after the passage of Hurricane Maria.

Dean of  Ross University, Dr. William .F. Owen Jr., told staff in a letter last week, that following the relocation of some 1300 members of the campus community to St. Kitts and the temporary relocation of some of the school’s operations to the state of Tennessee in the US, they have assessed and reviewed the work needed to sustain and restore the home campus.

“As many of you have experienced with the move to St. Kitts, the workload in Dominica has lessened substantially. As a result, we will continue to maintain a core staff in Dominica, we will no longer be able to continue to employ our entire Dominican Campus as we have since Hurricane Maria,” Dr. Owen stated. “We know this is a difficult message especially at this time of year. However, as many of you have expressed to us in personal letters and inquiries, you have a strong desire to understand what is next for our campus in Dominica and we agree it is the right approach to be transparent.”

According to Dr. Owen, “those impacted by our changing work needs will receive a financial package and will continue to receive their regular pay through the official notice period.” He said exact dates will be provided as soon as they are confirmed.

“Once a date is confirmed, we will communicate exact timing for colleagues for their planning and all colleagues can be assured they will continue to receive their full pay and benefits through at least to the end of January,” Dean Owen promised.

He said the school will ensure that transitioning colleagues receive support beginning with in-person meetings in early January to notify them of their status.

Dr. Owen said that since Hurricane Maria, Ross University School of Medicine has continued to employ 100% of its staff and with the support of its parent organization, Adtalem, has provided care packages, monetary assistance and additional support for colleagues throughout the University.

Ross University School of Medicine was established in Dominica in 1978 as the University of Dominica School of Medicine. The institution’s contribution to the Dominican economy has grown over the years.

Below is a copy of the letter from Ross.