(l-r) Sari Prosper, Matilda Carty, Anne Winn, Hans Schilders, Lise van de Kamp,  Rudolf Stomps, Ezra Fabien

Hans Schilders is the new president of the Rotary Club of Portsmouth.

Schilders was installed at a club function which was held on July 5th at C&D Beach Bar & Restaurant in Picard to celebrate the club’s accomplishments in the wake of Hurricane Maria and install new officers and board members.

This annual event marks the beginning of the new Rotary year 2018-19.

At the installation ceremony, the Assistant District Governor of Rotary pinned the incoming President Hans  who introduced and pinned the new board members.

Other members of the executive of the Portsmouth Rotary Club are:
Sari Prosper, Club Secretary
Matilda Carty, Treasurer
Anne Winn, Vice-President
Hans Schilders, President 2018-2019
Lise van de Kamp, PR Officer
Rudolf Stomps, Sergeant at Arms
Ezra Fabien, Immediate Past President

Incoming President Hans made a brief presentation about the Club’s expectations for the coming Rotary year and pinned Rory Dickens, the club’s newest member.

Rotary is a community service organization and since the passing of hurricane Maria the Rotary Club of Portsmouth has focused on the distribution food, primary necessities and more than a 1000 water filters in the north of Dominica, followed by making and giving out some 50 fish pots (fish traps), a project that still continues.
The new president said in an email sent to DNO that the club also helped ten vulnerable families to get a new roof on home and started a plastic cleanup and recycling project, provided fuel to help a boat to bring relief goods to the island, and supported various international relief efforts.
Schilders also writes, “Now that island is recovering from the hurricane we have started various short and long term projects. We continue to give out fish pots, and develop a complete plastics recycling project. We are financing new computer classrooms, a new ambulance for the Portsmouth region, helping the last shelterees in the Glanvillia Community Center.”
The club, according to Schilders is assessing projects for the Home of the Aged and various health centers in the North and talks with Rotary Clubs in the region are ongoing to add more projects to the list.

Following dinner which was accompanied by live music provided by Heidi Fabian and Bangie, the newly pinned Rotarian, Rory, demonstrated and discussed the club’s Plastic Recycling project for which the club says it will soon receive financial support from the Rotary Clubs of Grenada .

Foundation Chair and newly installed VP, Anne and new President Hans presented a citation and pinned the current Secretary and President elect for 2019-2020, Sari Prosper, as a Paul Harris Fellow in recognition of her selfless dedication and tireless service during a very challenging year post Maria.

It was a fine evening of fun and fellowship for the Rotarians of Portsmouth and their families and friends, a relaese from the club concludes.