Monday, 16th October 2017 – Roseau, Dominica: Digicel customers in: Woodfordhill,
Wesley, Anse Du Mai, Anse Sul Dar, Campbell, Layou Valley and sections of Warner are
now re-connected to the network.

Service has already resumed for customers in: Calibishe, Bense, Toucarie, Cottage, Morne Louis, sections of Tan, Grand Bay, Laudat Main Road, Canefield East, Canefield Proper, Massacre Mahaut, Jimmit Portsmouth, Salisbury, Grand Savanne, Castle Comfort, Glasgow, Great George, Layou, Stadium, Canefield, Roseau; Layou in
Hilsborough Estate and Fond Cole.

The restoration of the Digicel sites at – Morne Bruce, Portsmouth North and its 4G site at the Stadium – has reestablished service for customers in: Kingshill, sections of Loubiere, Bath Estate, Luisville, sections of
Newtown, Lagon, Bay St, Grange, sections of Tan, areas near the Savannah, Elmshall
and Paix Bouche.

Digicel’s engineers remain committed to working on total network restoration in the
shortest possible time.