NNP supporters. Photo courtesy of news784.com

Prime Minister Skerrit has reacted to an historic clean sweep of the polls for the second consecutive time, by Dr. Keith Mitchell’s New National Party (NNP) in Grenada. The NNP won the elections 15 seats to none.

Skerrit says Dr. Mitchell was rewarded for his efforts at rebuilding investor confidence in his country and for addressing many nation critical initiatives in Grenada.

“Prime Minister Mitchell is also known for his effective communication practices where he remains in touch and in tune with the people. The result also shows that in these challenging times, the electorate was not willing to go with a relatively inexperiened and unproven opposition led largely by an individual who clearly did not inspire the nation enough for it to fall in line with his policies,” Skerrit told state-owned DBS Radio on Wednesday morning.

Skerrit also attributed Mitchell’s win to what he says is “a global trend of rewarding effort and sidelining generalities especially from challengers whose track record or lack thereof does not lend to the sustenance of voter confidence.”

The Dominican prime minister lauded the NNP victory as an extraordinary historic achievement by Dr. Mitchell and his New National Party and extended congratulations from the DLP to Mitchell, the NNP and the people of Grenada.