SMP students

SMP students

In keeping with its theme for April, “The Six Food Groups”, the Visual and Performing Arts students of the St Mary’s Primary School (SMP) held an exhibition on Thursday where students displayed creative pictures using legumes and nuts.

These include lentils, peanuts, pigeon peas, black eye peas and red beans.

“The theme for this month is, ‘The Six Food Groups’. So, students learned about the six food groups, so therefore we focused on one aspect of the six food groups which is legumes and nuts,” Head of the Visual and Performing Arts Department at the SMP, Bert Paul told Dominica News Online (DNO) on Friday.

According to Paul, legumes (dried peas and beans) are the best and most concentrated sources of protein among the foods from plant sources.

He said that in combination with cereals, they provide protein that is as good as food from animal sources.

“Peas and beans retain their nutritive values well,” Paul said. “Some people find them a little harder to digest than other foods.”

He pointed out that it is important that all legumes should be well cooked especially for very young children.”

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