The Dominica Cricket Association opened its 2011 season with what can be described as a successful Ball-o-Rama which was held at the Botanic Gardens on Sunday, January 30.

Ten teams participated and the appreciative crowd was thrilled with fun, excitement and some spectacular individual performances which confirmed that cricket is alive in Dominica.

The formal opening was addressed by the President of the Dominica Cricket Association, Emanuel Nanthan, who outlined a few of the new initiatives to help with the development of cricket overall.  This included  the restructuring of the Kiddy Programme and the intention to decentralize the organization of cricket on a national level.

Present at the opening was country manager of First Caribbean International,  who would be partnering with Kubuli to sponsor the Intermediate League. He and First Caribbean were pleased to be in partnership with the Dominica Cricket Association to use the sport to help to develop the natural talent of the cricketers and the aspiring cricketers of Dominica.

The other sponsors of this year’s cricket are Digicel for the Premier Division and Waddy Astaphan for the 20/20 to be held later in the season.

The participating teams in the ball-o-rama were Desiderata Tremors, Marinor, Denovo, Grand Bazaar Dublanc, Nagico Nothern Stars,  Grassroots Cricket Academy, Mahaut United, P.H. Williams Colihaut, Sagicor Somerset, and Dr.Darroux Pacers.

The semi-finalists in the ball-o-rama were  Nagico Stars 34/0
vs. Mahaut scored 32/2  and Dublanc  63/1 vs. Colihaut 16 / 3.

In the 3 over a side final Dublanc scored 58/0 and Nagico Northern Stars 40/1.

Prizes were awarded at the end of the game as follows:
Most wickets: Russel Toulon – Nagico Northern Stars $50
Best Catch – Rick James $50
Best Fieldsman Elton Mark $50

Highest Individual Score
Vincent Casimir – Grand Bazaar Dublanc, 42, $50
Most Runs – Vincent Casimir, 144, $100
Man of the Match – finals – Vincent Casimir, $100
Runner-up – Nagico Northern Stars, $500