paix bouch basketballThe basketball court in Paix Bouche is receiving an upgrade.

The Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the Paix Bouche Constituency, Roslyn Paul, says the upgrade is deeply appreciated by basketball enthusiasts in the community.

“You would notice that there is a retaining wall which will be transformed to accommodate some seats as well as to prevent water from running onto the court,” she said.

She added that the court will be resurfaced, painted and fenced.

“Basketball is an ‘in’ thing for Paix Bouche. We have held championships and we always have young men in national basketball competitions and we always do well. That’s a project very dear to the hearts of the young people of Paix Bouche,” she noted.

Hon. Paul said this is all part of her vision to transform communities.

“If you have to transform lives, you have to start with the community. You would notice that I am not doing it alone but in collaboration with the local authorities and community-based organizations like the farmers, the fishermen and the tourism committees. I believe if these organizations can work together, it can create synergy and develop that human capacity and social capital to move those communities forward,” Minister Paul remarked.

Close to $50,000 is being spent on the project.

On Friday June 29th, $52,000 was handed over to the Paix Bouche Village Council; $81,000 to the Calibishie Village Council and $58,000 to the Bense Village Council for priority community projects.