Members of the community

Members of the community

Sunday 18th August was a day filled with emotions of joy, as the members of the community of Fond Cole participated in a sports fun day.

Shouts of excitement echoed in the community in support of their teams.

Three teams participated and were identified by their colors: Yellow, Green and Orange.

These colors illuminated the Esso area at Fond Cole as the teams engaged each other in various sporting events such as football, basketball, lime-and-spoon and rounders, just to name a few.

The children weren’t left out. They too demonstrated their talents in bowling, relay and so on. Two of the girls put on a splendid, eye-catching and entertaining display of woola-hoops: around the neck, on the knees and on the arm.

DJ-Barber kept the people moving, while Dark-Vada, Fifty and others free-styled, demonstrating raw musical talent and fueling the community spirit.

Aromas of BBQ, Fried Chicken and pig-foot stormed the nostrils of the enthusiastic onlookers. Everyone described it as a ‘fun day’ where true community spirit was exhibited.

According to the reports and feedback given, next year’s FUN DAY is already highly anticipated.

Each one of the teams won “something”, but Green Team won overall, copping Basketball, Relay Races, Cricket and Rounders.

The Yellow Team won in Football, Lime-and-Spoon and Sack Race, while Orange Team won the Domino Contest.