A number of scholarships, which were granted recently by the Dominica Football Association (DFA), brings to more than sixty thousand dollars (EC$60,000.00), the value of such awards made by the association over the past two years to students attending high school, university and college.

At a ceremony at Football House, DFA President Glen Etienne explained that the association is not only concerned about the mere organization of football leagues and competitions, but they take a keen interest in the holistic development and well being of “all players and even those who have not participated in our leagues.”

“We believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to help educate the future generation since educated footballers will become smarter footballers on the pitch. It is our view that sports and academics play an integral role in the development of a child and one should not be divorced from the other,” Etienne said.

Last year,  (2017) the DFA contributed over EC$20, 000 in scholarships to individuals attending university and college abroad as well as high school in Dominica.  Partial scholarships were also given to students who did not meet the criteria for a full DFA scholarship.

“The contributions being made represents over 100% increase from last year. This year, we are presenting over EC$46,000 in contributions which brings the two-year total to over $68 000,” he said.  He explained that the contributions range from one off contributions of EC$500 to more than EC$5,000.

This year’s donations were made to nine high students attending high school.

“We are very pleased to make these contributions since it comes at a very opportune time and will lift the burden on some of the parents. We will do our part to ensure that everyone gets a fair chance at pursuing his or her academic dream,” Etienne remarked.