Some of the athletes displaying the Dominican flag at the event

Seven athletes left the island on Wednesday 6th July 2011 to participate in the Trupial Auto City Athletics Invitational in Curacao under the leadership of Coach Nabi Wallace and female chaperon Miss Annie Leblanc.

Unfortunately due to insufficient funds one member did not make it all the way to Curacao and had to remain with family members in St. Martin.

The competition was staged over a three day period and served as a means of giving aspiring athletes continued exposure to better their individual performance while strengthening sporting relations with each other. In addition to Dominica, the other islands who were present at this year’s competition were Aruba, St. Martin, Puerto-Rico, Surinam and Jamaica.

At the completion of the three-day event Dominica walked away with thirteen individual medals and three relay medals.

Leading female sprinter Fine Food’s Pepsi Luan Gabriel topped the team performance winning gold medals in the long jump, 100 meters and 200 meters.  Sports Division’s Mac Naguirre Suares secured gold in the 800 meters and silver in the 5 kilometers road race. Ross University’s Crystel Hilton was regarded as the most improved athlete as she finally went below the two minutes and thirty seconds barrier she has been chasing all season. She also took bronze in the open female 400 meters while Bloaters Barber Shop Michael Hector won silver in the long jump and 400 meters but was shut down to a bronze medal in the 200 meters.

Portsmouth Safari’s Vernillia Lamothe the youngest participant on the team earned herself a bronze medal in the 800 meters.

Team Coach Nabi Wallace was able to hold on to bronze in the men long jump and clinch silver in his category for the 5 kilometers road race. Female Chaperon Miss Annie Leblanc also got in on a bit of the action taking silver in her category for the five kilometers road race. The other medal performances were bronze in the mix relay Dominica – Jamaica connection; silver in the 4 x 100 meters open females Dominica – Aruba connection and bronze in the 4 x 400 meters open male Dominica – St. Martin connection.

Although Cambran Family Alexis Telemaque did not earn an individual medal he went on to give Dominica a blistering start in the 4 x 400 meters which left the stadium amazed to see the performance of this short sprinter.

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