Davis is a member of the Dominican team at the Commonwealth Games in Australia. Photo credit: Press Attaché Garvin Richards – Dominica Olympic Committee Media Team

Dominican sprinter Mitchell Davis is hoping that the 2018 Commonwealth Games can be the springboard to further heights in his track and field career.

Davis, who will be competing in the 200-meter event, is a member of the 13-person strong team representing Dominica at the Games in Australia.

The Dominica Olympic Committee Media Team Spoke with Davis following his first training session in Australia.

He stated that his body is slowly acclimatizing to Australia and everything has been going fine so far.

“Today I will be going on the track to test out a little bit more to see where my body is, what shape, if I am really acclimatized to the temperature and the weather and the time zones,” he stated.

Davis said he flew for over 29 hours to get to Australia and he felt as if he was training for NASA.

“I will recover from that in maybe two days from now,” he noted. “I felt extremely tired and jet-lagged, right now I am recovering slowly. I will recover before I compete for sure.”

He described his training in Jamaica “as a great factor” in his career.

“I have been exposed to the type of training that I need to be exposed too,” Davis said. “I have been exposed to the competition that I need to improve everytime I race. I get the right treatment, the right coaching and all that exposure to the competitive environment will help me improve, that is a big factor.”

The athlete said his biggest goal is to make it to the finals at the games.

“And from there anything is possible and I look to glorify my God’s name with my talent,” he remarked.

Davis said he is not intimated by some big-name athletes, such as Jamaican sprinter Warren Weir, whom he will be competing against at the games.

“Especially Warren Weir, I don’t feel intimidated by him, I am actually motivated, I want to race against him in the first round,” he stated. “I have a plan.”

He believes that a good performance at the Commonwealth Games will open avenues for him.

“Just making it to the finals at the Commonwealth Games that means you will be in the top eight in the Commonwealth, and these guys in the 200 meters especially, coming here to compete are like top class in the world,” he said. “So if I can make it to the finals, come top eight in the Commonwealth Games, obviously the sponsorship and endorsement companies will be seeing that and they will want me on their team.”

The Commonwealth Games run from April 4 to April 15 at the Carrara Stadium in Carrara, Australia.