The winning team

In finals which kept the crowd on its feet cheering and even screaming, DOMLEC and Prison Services battled for the championship as the Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association Business League came to a close on Sunday.

Faced with a best of five sets match the teams began their journey and fans were soon treated to defensive rallies, hits and blocks.

Despite this, DOMLEC forged ahead talking control of the match winning sets 1 & 2 ; 25-9, 25-12. Just when fans thought the game was almost over Prison Services with their chant “lock dem up” took control of set 3 from as much as a seven point deficit to win 25-23.

Having forced a set four, fans rallied around Prison in the hope of seeing the match make use of all five sets. DOMLEC however, was ready to end it there and “cut dem” disconnecting any line to 1st place.

The team sealed the deal for the victory 25-16 winning 3-1.

Congratulations to League and Ballorama Champions DOMLEC, 2nd place winners Prison Services, 3rd place winners Scotia Bank and NEP Workers who made it to the semifinals.

Special thanks to all the members of the participating teams and we look forward to your interest and participation in the next one.