Hurtault on the track in London

Erison Hurtault Dominica’s sole elite athlete takes center stage at the athletic stadium on Saturday morning. The 400m sprinter will participate in one of a few heats scheduled to kick off at 10am and end at 13:45 on Saturday. The 100m men’s heats will take place before the 400m making it important for viewers wishing to see the race to monitor closely.

Hurtault did not make it past the 1st round in the 2008 Beijing games after running a time of 46.10. His record suggests that he can do much better as he proved in 2009 by running 45.59 in Berlin. He has never run under 45seconds and all indicators suggest that he will need to achieve this illusive target in order to get into the finals.

Please review the chart below:

Athlete                    Personal Best       Best of the year              Country
Kirani James           44.36                            44.72                                      Grenada
Lalonde Gordon    45.51                             45.51                                       Trinidad
Martyn Rooney     44.99                             44.99                                      Great Britain
Lashawn Merritt   43.75                             44.19                                       USA
Errol Nolan             46.36                             46.36                                      Jamaica

Erisson Haurtault 46.21                             45.59                                      Dominica

These are some of the best times in the world and as the chart suggests the Dominican is within striking range.

According to the team coach Mr. Joel Hamilton,“ this has been the healthiest and fittest that I have seen him”. Hamilton is of the view that Hurtault should go past the first round. He explained that Hurtault was injury free, working hard and determined to do something special for his country.

Willy Wood, head track and field coach at Columbia University and personal trainer of Hurtault is also confident that he is in great shape. He indicated that the 400m sprinter had been doing things during training that he has not been able to do for a while. Over the last six weeks he has been particularly focused on getting his strength and fitness level up. Wood’s only concern was the limited number of racing time Hurtault had during the summer. In what appeared to be the only area of concern Wood stated “I wish we could have gotten a few more races in”. He is of the view though that enough work had been done to prepare him for Saturday Morning.

Hurtault was a bronze medalist at the C.A.C games in Puerto Rico. A medal he presented to the Dominica Olympic Committee for their unrelenting support. He has also been to one Olympic game prior to London, a World Championship and many regional and international meets.

His quest, a MEDAL for his country!

We wish him well!!!

Darwin Telemaque
Caribbean Sports Connection
On Behalf of the Dominica Olympic Committee
With the Compliments of Lime

Hurtault with St. Lucia’s PM Kenny Anthony