Canoes lined up and ready to go

The Dominica Canoeing & Kayaking Association (DCKA) held its’ first event this past Sunday 2nd of December, 2018 at Mero beach.

Seven (7) teams and seventeen (17) individuals competed for trophies and prizes. The winners are listed below.

Team races:

1st place, Aaron Viville & Talmon Lucien (team Iouacoulou sweetness)

2nd place, Kendell Burton & Simon Joseph

3rd place, Kerri Christopher & Abigail Lucky

A female racer in action

Individual races – Women:

1st Kerri Christopher

2nd Abigail Lucky

3rd Christie Darroux


Individual races – Men:

1st Bram Sanderson

2nd Talmon Lucien

3rd Winston Joseph

Racers battling it out

The Membership of the Dominica Canoeing and Kayaking association (DCKA) wish to express  appreciation to all who in one way or another, contributed to the successful hosting of the DCKA’s first “Sprint Kayak Races” event, held at the Mero Beach on Sunday 2nd December, 2018.

Special thanks to the Mero Enhancement Committee for Partnering with the DCKA on the staging of the Event. As well as the presenting sponsors, The Office of the Prime Minister and The Dominica Olympic Committee, our other sponsors including Big Edge, Digicel, NBD, Springfield Trading, S-Mart, NP, Jungle Bay Resort, Q95, ACS, the Ministry of Tourism, Discover Dominica Authority, Fisheries Division, DBS, Kubuli, PAYS, the Police Force, Fine Foods Inc., the volunteers, athletes, the Kalinago contingent and patrons. Without your support this event would not have been possible!

With the support of fellow Dominicans, the DCKA will continue its efforts to develop the Olympic sport of Canoeing and Kayaking for competition and recreation, and make it part of not only our history and culture, but our future! Thank You!

Smoke blessing on boats by Kalinago