Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Sports Division 2011 Quenchi Soft Drinks  Primary Schools Cricket Championships

Revised Fixture

Zone A                        Zone B

West                            South East
West Central            East
South West               North
South                          North East

10/6/11 South West vs. West Central Pointe Michel Sebastien/Kentish
15/6/11 North vs. South East Delices F.Thomas/Burton
West vs. South West Dublanc Audain/R.Casimir
16/6/11 South vs. West Central Grand Bay Browne/Kentish
North East vs. South East Delices Burton/Burton
21/6/11 West vs. West Central Dublanc R.Casimir/Audain
East vs. North East Jolly John Park Burton/Dorsette
22/6/11 South West vs. South Pointe Michel Kentish/John
North vs. East Portsmouth Thomas/Thomas
23/6/11 South vs. West Grand Bay Browne/Audain
North vs. North East Thibaud F.Thomas/R.Casimir
24/6/11 East vs. South East Jolly John Park Burton/Burton

Semi Finals

Winner B vs. Runner Up A


Winner A vs. Runner Up B

To Be Announced
30/6/11 FINAL To Be Announced