Ron Green

Ron Green

Former parliamentary representative for La Plaine and Minister for Sports, Ron Green, has lamented the lack of progress on improving a sporting facility in that community in light of the commissioning of a new “much welcomed” $3 million plus police station there.

“Patience is growing thin, especially since, a much welcomed and overdue new $3 million Police Station in La Plaine completed over the last year and opening today, signals that things can be done when so minded. Unfortunately the very same youth, who may end up in the new cells could have taken a better path if sporting activity was open to them,” Green said in a news release.

He claimed that for four years an improvement project which was expected to bring the facility up to par was expected to last no more than a year, and now four years later, it is still incomplete.

He said this has caused the Laplaine youth many setbacks.

“The La Plaine Youth Sports Academy, so vibrant during the 2008 to 2011 period has ground to a halt. Generally, except for Basketball, all sporting leagues and competitions have ceased due to the unavailability of the field. Football teams competing in the annual Dominica Football Association (DFA) Leagues have either not trained or been forced to travel to Riviere Cyrique or Grand Fond to train,” Green complained.

He said the facility was first opened in 1999 and the upkeep and repairs were done by community volunteers but in 2011, some improvements were required.

According to Green, the Dominica Foot Ball Association in collaboration with the Government undertook the project.

“For whatever reason…. poor supervision, finance, disinterest… the Improvement Project has floundered.  Still today the eastern and northern sides are rough and dangerous, drainage is incomplete, supporting gabian baskets are collapsing, surface grassing is below par, seating stands are rotting and there is an air of abandonment and frustration. This atmosphere of alienation has contributed to increasing drug use among our youth, and severely dampened the enthusiastic spirit for sports in the Community,” he stated.

The former sports minister said efforts by concerned groups to get Government to act on the matter seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

The Laplaine Police station was commissioned on Friday 14th August 2015.