Scores of volleyball lovers converged upon the St. Joseph Hardcourt last Sunday and out of the crowd, fourteen teams emerged to vie for the coveted 1st place.

Sponsored by the Hon. Parliamentary Representative for the constituency Kelvar Darroux, MoMo Rentals and fully endorsed and supported by the Dominica Amateur Volleyball Association the teams came prepared to do battle on the court and so the long afternoon of volleyball action began.

After intense first round competition four teams, Koupe Ban, Blackinago, Strikers and St. Joe were left standing in the semi-finals.

Looking to regain their 4on4 title after being stopped by Misfits in the last competition, Blackinago played a challenging Koupe Ban and secured their space in the finals having never lost a match. St. Joe would battle Strikers and with much urging from the home crowd, moved on to the finals.

In a repeat of the very first 4on4 finals, Blackinago and St. Joe met across the net and the race to 1st place began.

In the end, Blackinago would emerge victorious and regain their title as 4on4 champs.

The St. Joseph Volleyball Team and the DAVA wish to thank all the teams who participated in the competition and look forward to part 2 of the action in St. Joseph when the 2018 DAVA National League opens on Sunday 2nd September at 3:30pm.

A special appeal is made to all the players and supporters who showed up before to show up again.

Competitors were:
Fantastic 4
WolfPac 1
Black Panthers
WolfPac 2
Koupe Ban
St. Joe