The Lime National Basketball League continued last night with two games in the Kubuli Division 1 at the Lindo Park. The results of the games were,

Game 1 – NBD  Original X-Men 50 points vs. NP Ballers 40 points, top scorer for X-Men was Daryl Thomas 12 points and for Ballers  Kendal Aisles with 16 points.

Game 2 – T.F Grand Fond Ball Trix 56 points vs Goodwill Starz 64 points, Top Scoring for Grand Fond were Kurtney Cuffy 10 points and Kemon Cuffy 19 points and for Starz Jason Samuel 13 points and Kelsey Guye 23 points.

Resulting in victory for NBD Original X-Men and Goodwill Starz.

Games will continue tonight from 7 pm at the Lindo Park in the Kubuli Division 1 with the following games,

Game 1 – 7.00pm -Ian Douglas Patriots vs. Kelvar Daroux Hurricanes

Game 2 – 9.00pm -Massacre Blackhawks vs. Element Agencies Ole Skool.

There will be no games this Friday and Saturday.