clubsSeven of Dominica’s service clubs are expected to compete against each other in the first ever Joint Service Clubs Sports Day slated for August 4th at the Lindo Park in Goodwill.

The event has been described by organizers as a “rare merging of service, athleticism and fun.”

The sports day came about as a method of building camaraderie amongst the clubs since the aim of each club is to provide service and demonstrate civic mindedness.

Members will be given the opportunity to get to know each other better, while engaging in friendly competition. In addition, each club will learn more about what the other clubs do, and hopefully lay the groundwork into all the clubs partnering in joint activities in the near future.

In addition, club members will show off their skills as well as seek to do their clubs proud in a variety of games. The games range from fun, light spirited competitions such as soda drinking, bun eating, sac racing, 3 legged race, relay, race-in-heels for men, to the more mainstream football, basketball, cricket, dominoes and the like.

Rotary Club of Dominica, Rotary Club of Portsmouth, Rotaract Club of Roseau, Kiwanis Club of Roseau, Kiwanis Club of Waitukubuli, Lions Club of Dominica and Leo Club of Dominica are expected to participate in the event.

All clubs are non-profit organizations and corporate sponsors are urged to assist in this venture. The event is also open to the general public who are encouraged to come out to support their favourite service club.

Proceeds from this event will be used toward a joint community service activity, which will be announced soon.

Organisers promise that the event will be entertaining and family friendly and will promote a spirit of unity, and highlight the virtue of service.

While each club operates independently they all give back to the community in various forms, catering to the young, elder, sick, and less fortunate alike. Some of the projects they engage in include donations, health walks, clean up campaigns, debates, quizzes, reading and spelling bee competitions, visits to the Grotto Home, Infirmary and schools, among many others.

Additional information can be obtained via the groups’ face book page,