Doctrove with VP Glen Etienne and Tresaurer Barry Casimir addressing the press

The bickering is over and the 14 affiliates present voted on Thursday, 8 for Doctrove and five for Wilson (one spoilt) for the Dominica Olympic Committee (DOC) Presidency.

It was a long drawn out and bitter battle which has created lots of enemies in the race for top places in the DOC.

Wilson, the incumbent president seems confident that “his past record would pull him through” against what appeared to be a well-prepared team to have him removed.

The election was conducted by Dominica’s Chief Elections Officer Steven Larocque and while it was “smooth sailing” there was a long battle between Wilson and the Dominica Table Tennis Association (DTTA) which he was successful in getting suspended by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) over allegations about its president Edgar Berridge.

However, Berridge’s immediate resignation prompted the ITTF to immediately reinstate the DTTA under new president Wanito Aaron.

The affiliates present did not relent and after one hour of more bitter arguments from Wilson, he was left with no choice but to agree that the ITTF had lifted the DTTA’s suspension with “immediate effect’ and they were allowed to take their place at the table.

In his first speech to the press after winning, Doctrove flanked by his new executive said they are taking over an organization whose reputation from the public is at an all-time low.

The office of President he said is “a prestigious one” which demands respect.

“I will give my all and respect and so demand,” he said. “The votes tonight clearly indicates that member associations were not satisfied with where the Olympic committee was going. The boat was astray and we have been given the responsibility to bring it at an even keel… It’s going to take a lot, but I am confident in my executive.”

Labeling the victory “overwhelming”, Doctrove called on all to work “diligently” for the success of the DOC.

“If anyone came on board to enrich themselves this is the time to jump off the boat. Whatever our pockets are aligned with… be it gold, bronze, silver or whatever, so we will leave when our term expires,” he remarked to applause.

In response to questions about an “investigating into the affairs of the past executive,” he responded that he does not believe in a “witch hunt” but warned that they “will not turn a blind eye towards anything that needs investigating.”

He also welcomed the media into the fold telling them that they were “an integral part” of the DOC. He, however, cautioned them to be “objective and honest” in their report.

The new DOC president also called on affiliates who were “kicked out of the DOC for various reasons” to “come back into the family fold.”

“We will bring more opportunities to athletics but to do that, the associations need to put their house in order. Too many of them are not run properly and professionally. Those who were kicked out of the DOC, we welcome you back into the family and the fold. Do what you have to do to get your house in order. We will use our office to assist you in whatever way we possibly can,” Doctrove said.

His sentiments were also echoed by each member of his executive team who was given an opportunity to speak to the media.

Results of the election:

Billy Doctrove 8; Felix Wilson 5 (one spoilt ballot)

Vice President: Glen Etienne 8; Jerry Williams 6

Honorary Secretary
Albert LoBlack 5; Phyllis Baron 9

Assistant Secretary (three way race)
Dave Baron 6; Ainsworth Irish 3 and Fernella Wenham 5

That went into a second round in a two way race between Baron and Wenham and was tied seven votes to seven. A second round saw Wenham winning 8 votes to 6.

Phillip White 6; Barry Casimir 8

Ordinary Members
Three ordinary members had to be voted for:
Woody Lawrence 8; Julien Benjamin 1; Ainsworth Irish 6; Albert LoBlack 4; Dr. Jenny Allport 6; Godwin Dorset 7 Dave Baron 1; Avril Elie 4 and Allan Morris 2.

Lawrence and Godwin Dorset won with Irish and Dr. Allport tied 6 each and went into a two way race which was tied at seven, seven each.

Irish bowed out and conceded to Dr. Allport.

Wilson is out